Testing Services

Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDM)

When prescribing controlled medications, measuring the presence or absence of drugs/drug metabolites can help to monitor patient compliance with prescription drug treatment therapy.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

When prescribing medications that are used long-term and have a narrow therapeutic range, maintaining drug levels within a therapeutic window can help to detect and monitor drug interactions and identify inadequate adherence as a cause of poor treatment response.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

When looking for the presence of prescribed drugs or substances of misuse and urine drug testing is not possible or not practical due to the patient’s condition, an alternate sample collection may be needed. Oral Fluid drug testing provides a great option.

General Toxicology

When looking for the presence of drugs/drug compounds and synthetic drugs in a patient with an unknown prescription history, or who is nonresponsive, or displaying aberrant behavior, a full spectrum screen may be appropriate.

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