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Prescription drug monitoring has never been more important. Protect your patients and your practice with tools and services offered by Quest Diagnostics.

2017 Health Trends Report

The 2017 Quest Diagnostics Health Trends report provides insights on managing the drug epidemic in the United States.

The sixth edition of the Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ Prescription Drug Monitoring Report: Prescription Drug Misuse in America examines patterns and trends in prescription drug use and misuse based on an analysis of 3.4 million de-identified results of laboratory tests performed by Quest Diagnostics between 2011 and 2016. Quest Diagnostics provides laboratory testing services that help healthcare providers identify appropriate and inappropriate use of several widely prescribed, but abuse-prone drugs, including opioids and other pain medications, and central nervous system depressant medications. The services also help healthcare providers identify use of illicit drugs, including marijuana (which remains a Drug Enforcement Agency Schedule I drug), cocaine, and heroin.

A national challenge

91 Americans die every day from a prescription drug-related opioid overdose.1

An alarming trend

52% of those tested were found to be non-compliant with physician prescription instructions.

How compliant are patients in your state when it comes to following your prescription drug instructions?

A comprehensive solution

Meet the challenge with the broad test menu, expertise, and integrated connectivity solutions available from Quest Diagnostics. You can also get started with a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) that gives you the resources and tools you need to take action.

Quest Diagnostics Health Trends in your state

Many patients don’t take their prescription drugs as prescribed. See what our data shows about prescription drug misuse in your state and nationally.

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1Rudd RA, Aleshire N, Zibbell JE, Gladden RM. Increases in Drug and Opioid Overdose Deaths-United States, 2000-2014. American Journal of Transplantation. 2016;16(4):1323-1327.

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