Why Quest Diagnostics?

For more than 50 years, Quest Diagnostics has provided important testing information and services that lead to actionable insights. Whether you are seeking to start a drug testing program or add value to an existing one, Quest Diagnostics offers a comprehensive suite of tests and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of your practice.

Diverse testing for diverse needs

Our comprehensive menu of tests—from routine to specialized—was built with the varied needs of you and your patients in mind.

EHR interface and online ordering & resulting

Seamless EHR integration helps you take the right actions for your patients:

  • Order lab tests conveniently, then access results when and where you need them so you can make critical decisions about patient care
  • View patient histories and trends for more comprehensive patient management
  • Share information with providers on other EHRs to ensure quality care across the continuum

Care360® Labs & Meds

Lab ordering on the go

  • Care360 Labs & Meds ensures that lab tests can be ordered, received, accessed, and shared conveniently, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • It can also work alongside a different electronic health records (EHR) system
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